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Radiant Additional Everlasting Policies 2.0

adds 15 New Everlasting Policy cards with original and realistic effects

  1. Wave of Nerfs Incoming, Brace yourselves !

    It should be more equitable that way and will make you hesitate again with vanillas.

    - Warrior sacred path = experience bonus lowered to +20% exp.
    - Holy writings Escorts = Movement bonus lowered to 1, Theologial Strengh lowered to +4.
    - Cousinship = Gold mutual Bonus removed.
    - Regional Product Promoting = Culture Trade route bonus lowered to +1.
    - National Martial Arts = Combat Strength bonus lowered to 4, ZOC ignoring ability removed and replaced by a +5 Hps per turn bonus while healing (in all territories).
    - Worshiped Emperor = Gold bonus lowered to +2, Faith Bonus lowered to +2.
    - Divine Heritage = Relic Faith Bonus lowered to +2.
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