Randomised Mediterranean Map v16

Coastline of part or all of the Mediterranian sea, with randomised terrain and resources.

  1. Love for North Africa, Continent Names, and some truestart deduction

    - added the Atlas Mountains in north africa, because I totally forgot about them first time round.

    - adjusted terrains around north africa, to make them more fertile around the coast of Morocco and Algeria, and around the Nile delta, with more desert inland.

    - added a True Continent Names feature, which puts the continent names of Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia, The Maghreb and The Levant in their proper places. Can be toggled off in setup screen.

    - added a "Best Guess" option that tries to deduce where mod civs should have a True Start based on the civilization name. This will always be overriden by a proper TSR if the mod author chooses to add one.

    - tweaked resource placement. There should now be slightly more resources placed in general, and the Resources and Start Position dropdowns in Advanced setup should work properly.
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