Real Housing from Improvements 2.1

Shows correct Housing values (+0.5 for each farm, pasture etc.)

  1. bolbas

    * Shows real Housing from improvements values and as a result real Housing values.
    * Also updates cities data, banners and top panel when swap/purchase tiles, manage citizen and when tile yields changed.

    Game bugs fixed
    * Fixed Game bug when Turns Until Growth displayed incorrectly (could be 0 for example).
    * Fixed Game bug when Growth Threshold was rounded and displayed incorrectly (could be 0 for example).


    * Compatible with Vanilla game, Rise and Fall and Gathering Storm Expansions. Game version
    * Does not affect save games and can be enabled or disabled at any time.
    * Compatible with any mod that doesn't change CitySupport.lua and PlotInfo.lua files and doesn't change original housing from improvements values.
    * This mod is already included in Community Quick User Interface so disable it if you use CQUI.

    Steam Workshop

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Recent Reviews

  1. pemuda
    Version: 1.2
    simple mod but important ..
    9 january 2019