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Really Advanced Setup 2016-10-05

Really Advanced Setup

  1. General Tso
    Really Advanced Setup

    This mod includes all of the standard options normally found in the Advanced Setup screen. It also adds new features which allow you to modify game play significantly. Works with Brave New World and all earlier versions of the game.

    Download the file and copy it to your Civ5 Mods folder: "My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 5\MODS".
    Enable the Really Advance Setup mod in your game and click "Next".
    Then click "Single Player" then "Set Up Game" then "Advanced Setup".
    Do not click "Back". That just causes you to exit the mod.

    The following options are available.

    Active Civilizations
    This allows you to determine which civilizations are active. Deactivate the Civs that you don't want and they won't show up. Even when using randomly selected civilizations.

    Starting Bias
    Allows you to set starting bias for any player to: Start Along Ocean, Start Along River, Region Priority, or Region Avoid. The region biases allow you to select up to three regions such as grass, plains, hills, desert, tundra, jungle, forest, and hybrid.

    Starting Bonuses
    You can set the amount of Gold, Culture, Faith, and Free Techs that each player will start with.

    Starting Units
    You can individually control which units each player will receive to start the game.

    Terrain, Features, Resources, and Natural Wonders
    There are two methods available to add these items to the map. They can be placed relative to any player's starting location. They can also be scattered randomly across the map. There are numerous options available that allow you to place as many of these various items as you wish on the map. You set the guidelines when setting up the game. The items are then added automatically when the map is made.

    Starting Visibility
    You can increase the amount of the map that is visible when the game starts. This option applies to all players.

    New Game Options
    Disable Nuclear Weapons, No Science, No Policies, No Happiness, Always War, and Always Peace.

    Thread for this mod:


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