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Realm of Equestria 2016-10-05

Realm of Equestria

  1. Storm Holder
    Are you ready to explore the world of Equestria?

    The 2015 Official map of Equestria has now been meticulously transcribed as a Playable map in Civilization V. I've also taken educated guesses into completing the landmasses of the Griffon Continent and the Dragon Lands so the world wraps around itself in an aesthetically pleasing manner. Geographical features found in Season 6 of MLP have also been added such as a river flowing through Manehatten and a volcano to stand in for the Gauntlet of Fire.


    A Playable "Huge" Map of Equestria featuring the Griffon Continent and The Dragonlands

    Balanced Starting positions of 3 Bonus Resources, 2 of a Luxury Resource, an early(4) and Late(3) Strategic Resource all around a river

    A Huge attention to detail and accuracy went into making the Map (I've looked out the windows of the Friendship train during episodes for reference)

    All the Natural Wonders of Civ V placed in appropriately themed locations (i.e. El Dorado in the Forbidden Jungle)

    Biomes carefully chosen to help emulate the feel of Equestria (i.e. The Everfree Forest is Darker and Denser than the forests around Ponyville.)


    This version of the map Requires both Brave New World and Barathor's More Luxuries Mod a Vanilla version of the map can be found Here.

    Need More Pony Mods? Harald B has got you covered in his Collection

    A Bug found in Civ 5's SDK requires Maps - Rotate Starting Postion[www.picknmixmods.com] or a simlar mod in order to play in different starting locations of the map.

    If you are able to download the Mod but find that the Map doesn't appear in the Map Selection Tab simply:

    Go to you Mods folder
    Open Realm of Equestria (Definitive)
    Copy the Map file
    Paste Map in your Maps folder right above the mod folder

    My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is copyright and trademarked by Hasbro. I do not claim jurisdiction or ownership over any characters or images from MLP FIM.


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