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Revoran's "Discovery of the New World" (Atlantic m 2016-10-05

This is a 90x70 map centered on the north Atlantic Ocean showing Eastern North America, Central America, Northern South America and West Africa and Western Europe.

File is a .rar archive so you'll need the application WinRar to unpack it.

After playing the map yesterday in the "Conquest of the New World" scenario in the Spain/Inca DLC I thought it was really sub-par and that Firaxis could have done much better so I went and created this map.

This map only has terrain and features ie forests with no rivers, resources, scenario rules or natural wonders yet. I may eventually use it to create a "Conquer the New World" scenario of my own however in the meantime do what you like with the map as long as you credit me as the original map creator. If I get around to creating a scenario i'll update this file.
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