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Rise and Fall of Andean Civilization (BNW) 2016-10-05

Rise and Fall of Andean Civilization (BNW)

  1. hangman
    Official thread here.

    Andean Late Intermediate Period Scenario (Brave New World version): Dominate the Andes & Survive the Spanish Conquest!

    A total conversion scenario set in the Late Intermediate Period and Late Horizon of Andean culture (~1200 to ~1550).

    Major features:
    • Six playable civilizations, each with a unique trait and path to victory
    • All new buildings and units reflecting Andean culture
    • Four Andean religions, and a new mechanic allowing you to gain bonuses by visiting religious Oracles
    • All new Policy Tree, with branches dedicated to exploiting the environment and ideologies
    • A detailed scenario map of Western South America
    • 15 new resources including potato, quinoa, San Pedro cactus, llama, and guinea pigs (yes, you eat them!)
    • A challenging end-game event that includes plagues, Conquistadores and new heathen religions
    • Climate events that dynamically change the environment
    • New soundtrack available here (although the civfanatics version has the soundtrack built-in)
    • Now available in Spanish!

    New in BNW:
    • New and original unit graphics
    • Trade caravans and cargo ships
    • Spanish translation by Yanapaki
    • New soundtrack
    • Improved balance, especially for happiness and warfare
    • A few map tweaks
    • Now able to use farm graphics instead of polders
    • Can buy out city-states with Great Prophets

    Known issus:
    • Fairly common bug where game crashes when the Spanish arrive. A simple reload fixes this in many cases, but not always.
    • Game occasionally crashes when founding a Wanka city state. A reload usually works. (UPDATE: Fixed as of 13/7/2015)