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[SCENARIO] Americas 1650AD: let's rewrite History! 2016-10-05

[SCENARIO] Americas 1650AD: let's rewrite History!

  1. Marla_Singer

    Take advantage of RAR great features and rewrite History!
    This scenario requires RAR version 2.2 or better

    This scenario is based on the RAR Americas gigantic map I released earlier. Why starting in 1650AD? Because that's an early stage of the Americas History in which all European powers have already settled, but not yet developped. So everything can still happen!

    How to install?
    I've made my best so that there is almost nothing to do. However, starting in 1650AD on normal speed makes you end the game during the 20th century. That's why I only added a "1650 start" new speed which serves no other purpose than make your revolution by the end of the 18th century.
    1. Copy the 1650AD.ColonizationWBSave file in your worldbuilder save folder:
      My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization IV Colonization\Saves\WorldBuilder
    2. Replace the CIV4GameSpeedInfo.xml from your Religion and Revolution mod folder with the new one at this location:
      My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization IV Colonization\MODS\Religion_and_Revolution\Assets\XML\GameInfo
      Note: that new file does nothing else than to propose a new game speed. It has no impact whatsoever on the game.
    3. It's done! You only need to launch RAR and to select the scenario in the play a scenario menu.

    From Peru to Iceland and Alaska, you can play as whichever nation and rewrite its History.


    1. rio_de_janeiro_OIy.jpg
    2. north_america_P5w.jpg
    3. iceland_Gh1.jpg
    4. new_spain_0Sh.jpg
    5. new_spain_8m1.jpg