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SD Kfz 222 2016-10-05

The Sd Kfz 222 design was a modified version of the Sd Kfz 221, with a larger turret designed to carry an automatic gun. Seven series were ordered and completed, each entailing minor modifications. Production ceased in mid 1943 but the proposed new four-wheel armored car was not put into production because of changing requirements. It was felt that the heavy eight-wheel Sd Kfz 234 would be more suitable for reconaissance operations in the future.

The Sd Kfz 222 was issued to the Panzerspahwagen squadrons of the Uafklarungs battalions. With only a short-range radio, it accompanied the armored cars with long-range sets in order to provide covering fire and engage enemy armored reconnaissance vehicles. Its cannon could also be elevated to provide air defence. The Sd Kfz 222 served in all campaigns on all fronts from 1939 until the end of the war
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