Sealand Civilization 2016-10-05

Sealand Civilization

  1. Viregel
    Adds the Sealandic Civilization to Brave New World, with Roy Bates as its Leader!

    UA: E Mare Libertas
    Cannot gain settlers nor annex cities. +1 starting gold.
    UU: Pirate Radio Station
    Replaces Privateer. Cannot steal ships, but can spread influence from Pirate Radio in enemy territory, that strangly resembles the Great Musician's concert tour in all other aspects.
    UB: Roughs Tower
    Replaces Walls. +0.1 more defence.

    Known Bugs and General Flaws:
    The icons for units don't show up in the tech tree or the production screen. Cannot find anything wrong, so I'll have to work it out from later experience.

    Overpowered, I know. Better civs coming soon, believe me! Anyway, credit to JFD for helping me a TON on this, Tomatekh for the Lua (for +1 Gold), Leugi for the base and help with the code, and Sukritact for the icon atlas help.

    This civ was intended as a complete joke in the spirit of April Fools' Day and should not be taken seriously in any way.

    Soundtrack - (War) (Peace)


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