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Shin Sengoku Jidai 2016-10-05

OK, so this is my scenario/mod of Sengoku Jidai period in the history of Japan.

I started working on this couple of months ago after I thought of some things
I would have liked to add to Andrew_Jay's already awesome Sengoku Jidai. So I started messing with a copy of his awesome scenario. At some point things ran out of hand and the scenario ended up way different from Andrew_Jay's, for better or worse, you decide. I gave Andrew_Jay a copy of my creation, and got a permission to publish it, so I made some more testing and tweaking and now the first version is ready and available.

Basically it runs on the same basic principles established in the Sengoku Jidai
scenario, rock-paper-scissors combat. Most of the core ideas are left untouched (honestly, I couldn't improve em).

My map has a completely (hopefully, I poured through a lot of XML) revamped Civilopedia, new leaders, new clans, more naval warfare (with the addition of Tekkounin warships), new diplomatic texts, and a new goal. Still have to replace some civilopedia entries, but you won't find entry for uranium there.

I decided that the game would revolve around expansion and multiplayability (backstabbing vassals), so all the cities are contested pickings from turn one. No building new ones (as in Andrew_Jay's map)! However, the map now supports up to 14 players and should work well in multiplayer.

As the original, this map is war-heavy as well. Eventually there will be a huge battle between the strongest daimyos and their vassals (provided no backstabs occur...) over the control of Japan. And if there are any, the smaller ones will gather around like vultures to grab a piece of the cake. So that is what the map is all about: backstabbing other players. But hey, history is backstabbing.



I believe everyone knows how to do this, but here it is anyway. Unzip the file in the Warlords/Mods folder. Then select "Shin Sengoku Jidai in "play a mod" in Warlords. If it starts, you've installed it!



Shin Sengoku Jidai is a mod for Civilization IV Warlords

Shin Sengoku Jidai is very heavily converted, maps have to be made specifically for it.

The Warring States is a map that somewhat looks like Japan and has all the features the mod supports.

There will be updates, or maybe not. Depends on my mood, so don't sweat it! I've got other things to do!

If you want to use this as a basis or modify me, go ahead.

The leaderheads are made from artwork of KOEI's Samurai Warriors 2
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