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South of Central Europe Map 2016-10-05

This map covers the Italian peninsula, the Balkan peninsula, parts of the Alps, western part of Turkey, western part of the Black Sea, and parts of Central Europe.

Overall, it covers the following (today's) countries:

Italy, Greece, Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Romania, Hungary, Moldova, Slovakia (small parts of it), Turkey (small parts of it), Ukraine (small parts of it), Austria (small parts of it), and a really small part of Switzerland.

The map is huge, so you'd better limit the ability to build cities, unless you have a fast computer. ;) It's 140x188, and most important, it's a land map, so it has much less ocean than any randomly generated map.

Forum thread:

Note: The rivers are NOT complete on this map. I kept the rivers from varwnos' original map, but didn't complete Danube all the way through Hungary and Austria, so no rivers outside the Balkans (and those might be considered sketches). The map doesn't have any preplaced resource either. Not only did I not have time to do this right now, but in my opinion resources should be balanced according to the purpose of the scenario creator. :)

varwnos - biggest thanks go to him. His Byzantine Empire map was what this map was built on. The coastlines and islands in Greece, as well as the Asian part of Turkey, are fully made by him. The rest was added or changed by me. But without your map, this one probably wouldn't be here either. Also many thanks for the feedback.
Keroro - comments/feedback
AlCosta - comment/feedback
Virote_Considon - comments/feedback
Yoda Power - comments/feedback.
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