SQL Maker Tool 1.0.2

Creates the SQL to Add Tech/Civics, Modifiers and more (WIP)

  1. SQL Maker 1.0.2

    Quick update to fix some issues with NULLs and similar issues. Another issue is the use of the drop down, for the type of modifier fixed a couple, like Technologies. If you find more, please let me know.
  2. SQL Maker 1.0.1

    Huge update to the tool. Note, this one has a macro, all it does is clear the fields, in case you save it filled out, just click the button at the top to empty all of the fields.

    • It now accommodates several modifiers at one time, and assigns the proper modifier table (BeliefModifiers, BuildingModifiers, etc.).
    • Each group of ModifierArguments is color coded and matches to the code it alters.
    • All of the drop downs have been corrected so it will fill in the...
  3. SQL Maker 0.9a

    Major Update! This now includes a modifiers and requirements generator.

    It goes down to four levels of arguments for both. Again copy the code on the left in blue, it identifies which ones are requirements and which are modifiers in case you want them in separate files.

    I could add a clear button, if people want that.

    2016-12-11 (3).png
    *It is NOT thoroughly tested. I just finished coding it and did some based tests.

    Additionally, I did add Civilopedia XML to the techs page....
  4. SQL Maker 0.06

    Fixed a typo in one of the validation routines. It was keeping the code hidden.