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Strategea 2016-10-05


  1. Zerzes
    This map script is intended to create a fun, strategic map with the following main features:

    • Lots of mountain ridges as natural defense lines
    • Land heavy map with several lakes as effective land mass dividers
    • Some luxury and food resources are removed to make it harder to maintain larger cities
    • Many resources are rare but can be found in clusters to encourage trading

    This script is currently mainly recommended for single player use, unless unfair starting positions isn't a problem in your multiplayer game.

    The current version is 1.1, which has the following added feature:
    • Support for different climates. Each climate encourages a different kind of gameplay and is almost like an entire new map script.

    For more information about this script, please visit the forum thread:


    1. strategea2_8T5.jpg
    2. strategea4_q1i.jpg
    3. strategea5_6J4.jpg
    4. strategea6_RzR.jpg
    5. strategea7_Xzn.jpg