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Tech Era Limit 2016-10-05

Tech Era Limit

  1. jdog5000
    ======== Description =========

    The mod component will stop research for all players at a specified era. Using this you can, for example, play up to and then in the medieval era for as long as you want before allowing tech progress to continue.

    By default the tech rate is halted in the Medieval era. To change this, open Tech Era Limit\Assets\Python\CvGameUtils.py and change the number on line 147. The changed section is encased in

    # <---------- begin tech limit changes ----------------->
    # <---------- end tech limit changes ----------------->

    as well. When you are ready to allow the game to advance, simply save and quit, edit the file as you like, and the start the game and load your save.

    Techs which are disallowed by era will still appear in the tech tree but will be red and cannot be selected. When an AI civ has exhausted all available research avenues they will turn their science slider to 0. On their next turn after the maximum tech era is increased they will immediately switch back to doing research normally.

    ======== Installation ==========

    Unzip the folder into your Program Files/..../BTS/Mods folder so that the Assets folder is located at .../BTS/Mods/Tech Era Limit/Assets. You can then load the mod in the normal way.

    ======== Merging ============

    To merge this component into another mod, simply copy over the two files in this mod's Assets folder. If the other mod has copies of these same files, you will need to merge them. There is one place with changes in CvGameUtils.py as mentioned above, the only change in PythonCallbackDefines.xml is to enable USE_CANNOT_RESEARCH_CALLBACK.