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Tech Tree Helper Tool 2016-10-05

Tech Tree Helper Tool

  1. blazekid87
    UPDATED V2: Added new features: program now prints out language files and Prereqs!

    This is a program I have been working on in order to help me quickly add new technologies. For now it is very basic but still useful to quickly generate code. In the future, it will also generate text files and even allow you to quickly look at the tech tree without starting the game.

    This program automatically places the name is all the needed spots and capitalizes as needed. No need to write out TECH_ or TXT_KEY or anything!

    Then copy your XML code to ModBuddy.

    The program now also prints out the TXT_ files and prereq techs (if applicaple)

    All space characters (" ") are repleaced with a ("_") for technologies that use two words.

    This design was chosen over directly exporting to XML in order to allow the user to quickly paste it into their exsting modbuddy code. However in a future version, you will have the chance to export them if youd like (after the text code shows).

    Please leave any comments or suggestions. I will post a proper tutorial once I have completed implementing more features.

    The quote issue in the above screenshot has been fixed in the current version. Sorry I was too lazy to take new screens. =]

    Future Plans:(in the order they will be implemented)
    • Flavors and tech Booleans (true or falses).
    • Add multiple technologies and export them to a single file.
    • Ability to save to XML file after viewing the code.
    • Load tech tree from original Technologies.xml as well as a mod to quickly access tech tree and make adjustments without starting the game.
    • Upload icons and export them.