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The Dark Ages 2016-10-05

The Dark Ages

  1. Head Serf
    This scenario requires the European Middle Ages Mod 0.74 which can be found here.

    The scenario takes place from 527 AD to 843 AD, or from the Byzantine Reconquest to the division of Charlemagne's Holy Roman Empire. The map is the same map used in the European Middle Ages Mod with minor changes. The civilizations are:
    1. Byzantium
    2. Sassanid Persia
    3. Ostrogothic Italy
    4. Kingdom of the Visigoths
    5. Vandals
    6. The Suebi
    7. Kingdom of the Franks
    8. Burgundy
    9. Arabia
    10. Bulgars
    11. Avars
    12. Saxons
    13. Vikings
    14. Slavs
    15. Lombards

    All information about this scenario can be found at the scenario thread.