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The Hinge of Fate 1.02

CHANGE LOG 8/15/2022

-German AT gun now have 2 MP
-Artillery shell range = 2
-Allied flak to 0 MP - should make certain cities harder to take
-Scout car IZOC
-New Panzergrenadier cost = 180
-Doubled cost of Sdkfz
-Tripled cost of supply trucks
-when an artillery unit deploys from a transport, its movespent is set to 255. This means it can no longer be transported and fire on same turn.
-Add submarine unit in place of Montgomery for Allies.
-Submarines have random chance to spawn near Afrika Korps resupply lines starting turn 25 when Malta isn't neutralized.
-Germany starts with 2x Mobile Artillery units now
-Expanded paved road and regular road network in Italy
-Kampfgruppe now provide 3x Panzergrenadier and 2x Schutzen rather than 5x Panzergrenadiers
-Afrika Korps now starts with 1x Scout Car
-Adjusted Stalingrad event to make it more nefarious
-Increased speed of non-transport naval units (up by 50%)
-Made War industry nil prereq
-Made it impossible to build refineries or factories on any map but Europe so there won't be strat errors. Unfortunately this does mean you aren't going to be able to build up in the United States, but at that point in the game, I think this is acceptable.
-Fixed strat.cityCoordinate issues with refinery - it was looking for the wrong improvement which allowed fuel refineries to be built in places beyond simply industrial cities as desired.
-Fixed issue where fuel bonus wasn't being given.
-Added Melitopol, Voroshilovgrad, Poltava, and Kramatorsk.
-Fixed issue where flak 88 shells would not fire to the night map. The correct key is now 8.
Hinge of Fate v. 1.01

Changes made after playtesting include important bug fixes.

-Implemented the fix to some of the text not coming out right.
-Added a check to ensure Sicily only happens if Suez hasn't been conquered.
-Got rid of the American reinforcements after Great Britain is conquered.
-Changed trigger events 2385 to loser.
-Added an event where Scapa Flow as well as all British units north of Milan on map 0 surrender after Great Britain is conquered. This will clean up any RAF or potential cities that may have fallen to a commando raid. I allowed British naval units to survive as "the Empire beyond the seas, armed and guarded by the British Fleet, shall carry on the struggle." Note this takes an "onTurn" qualifier so it will happen the turn after Great Britain is conquered. I chose onTurn rather than afterProduction so the last remnants can fight on.
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