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The Milla Empire 2016-10-05

The Milla Empire

  1. Buildkirbyus
    The Milla are a sci-fi alien race that is mainly inspired by a Spore creation. The Millas live on a distant planet called Clymos and are known for their expertise in Industry, Healthcare, and Technology. Their Military force is one of the most feared in the Galaxy.

    Trait: Born Fighters
    All Units fight at full strength and require 50% less XP to earn a promotion. Earn influence from afraid City States.

    Unique Unit: Jetpack Infantry - Cost: 500(400) - 120(100) Strength
    Futuristic Infantry Unit that hovers over all terrain, but still needs to embark over seas. Can paradrop up to 40 tiles from friendly territory. Replaces XCOM Squad.

    Unique Building: Milla Medical Facility
    Replaces Hospital. Gains 2+ science at penicillin and gives non-machine units (tanks, ships, helicopters) the First-Aid Training promotion, making them heal twice as fast and heal other units 5+ per turn.

    Disclaimer: This civ is in beta and a first time mod. It is expected to have balance problems and missing entries.
    All questions and feedback go here: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?p=13619004#post13619004

    Steam Workshop Link:


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