The Terror

The Terror 2016-10-05

This is a Monster Spitting Spider Originally made by Kinboat. I made a new palette, removed the CIV Specific colors and re-colored this Unit with a more intense Orange/Yellow and higher contrast for the EFZI2 Scenario. Remade all animations without CIV Specific Colors so the Spider looks more realistic in the game. Re-made the Attack so the Spit is not cut off by the Frame edges. Added Sounds, made new units_32 and Civilopedia Images and adjusted .ini. All Files Included. I made and included Tech Advancement Icons, Wonder Splash, Spider Eggs Resource and Icons for Civilopedia Icons Buildings folder.
You can visit the Unit Thread Here
February 2011: Remade the Default Flc to use Offsets so the Unit is seen on the Bottom Right Game Unit Window Box Better.
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