Tides of Crimson v2.86 Patch 2021-09-15a

ToC 2.86 Patch - Requires full install of v2.0

  1. Version 2.7 D

    Version 2.7 patch changes (June 27, 2021):
    - Included in this version is Flintlock's latest EXE Patch C3X_R7 that allows scrolling between civs on the diplomacy screen, among other great updates!
    - New Great Wonder: Walls of Essengar that provides free Wooden Walls to all cities on continent
    - Fixed Lightning Sphere's high corruption bug
    - Lightning Sphere now has an additional building to reduce corruption (similar to Spire of the Sunset)
    - Fire, Lightning, and Chaos Spheres are now available earlier in the tech tree
    - Azura's Spire is no longer required to build Spell Spires
    - All 3 Spell Spire Types can now be built at once, but require additional resources
    - Harbors are now Small Wonders to reduce late-game lag from trade route calculations
    - Harbors now require only 2 trading posts
    - Palisade Walls now require Woodworks tech instead of Masonry
    - Slightly increased aggression levels for most races to more 'standard' levels similar to main (un-modded) Civ 3
    - Unique Upgradable City Improvements such as Sacrificial Altars now disappear automatically when the upgraded versions are built
    - Fixed issue with Amazonian tech 'Mastery' costing more beakers than even 2nd era techs
    - Slightly increased map population of luxury resources so they are more often found in multiples for tradeability
    - New Osiri Arms Camp Small Wonder to allow earlier upgrades/Veterancy bonus
    - Osiri Militia available earlier
    - Frostling Scorpas are now invisible and more mature versions are more durable
    - Golden Age duration extended to 12 turns
    - Cosmo Sphere observatories are now cheaper
    - Skaven Labyrinth now correctly increases happiness by +1
    - Increased frequency of Crystal Dragon production from Shartoth Spire to every 55 turns
    - Mantis Att/Def changed to 6/5
    - Cost of Ultima Spell artifacts increased slightly
    - Fixed several Civilopedia broken links
    - Version 2.7 (B) : Corrects Tech Requirement for Walls of Esengar to Woodworks
    - Version 2.7 (C & D) : Small graphical tech tree corrections
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