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Tortuous route 2016-10-05

Tortuous route

  1. Neriyahu
    In the beginning of the end of the ancient era a solar rain fell upon us. All the advanced systems of comunication were erased and them, without the global policement, the world suffered the chaos. War broke out and the existing ones become more deadly. They used massive bombs that destroyed the whole world. The sky were clear and healthy until then. A gift from god to all men.
    Our corruption have burned the earth, the wind and the sky. Our water is poison and trespassed the boundaries of land. This is the price of hate. The ancient world is not different of ours. We have the same problems, and we've always had. Let us follow justice! A divine cause to destroy the barbarism that ruin all that is good and valuable!

    ------------About the map----------------------------------

    This map is intended to be for 'Nextwar' mod. It has 7 Civs. The world's size is tiny.

    Be yourself the warrior messiah! Or a peaceful leader, guiding the world. But i tell you: Watch out! This is like the primal world.