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TSL Ultimap (V7) 2016-10-05

TSL Ultimap (V7)

  1. MAHRana
    A representation of Earth including TSL, true resource allocations and some alternative city-states. I made the map wider rather than longer.

    Size: Huge
    Civs: All civs except America, including DLC/All civs, excluding DLC

    1. Download file into "MODS" folder in your documents (Download available from Civ V Mod Center as well)
    2. Open Civilization V and go to the "Mods" section
    3. Click "Install Mod" and check "TSL Ultimap"
    4. Set up your game with either the map with, or the map without the DLCs.
    5. Play - Don't forget to tick "Load Scenario"

    I couldn't fit all the city-states in the map so if you activate the mod in WorldBuilder, you will be able to add the extra city-states.
    Antarctica colonizable!

    Version History:
    Spoiler :
    V2: Added the Spanish and Incan civilizations
    Fixed barbarian issue

    V3-V6: Minor changes

    V7: Added the Polynesian civilization
    The addition of more islands as well as other minor map changes
    Added the American civilization in the non-DLC map
    Taken away a few city-states (they can still be found in WorldBuilder)

    Link to discussion: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?p=9872419#post9872419


    1. civ5screen0004_tfP.jpg
    2. civ5screen0003_CgR.jpg
    3. civ5screen0002_3G1.jpg
    4. civ5screen0001_DC5.jpg
    5. civ5screen0000_WK9.jpg