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  1. z0wb13
    (courtesy z0wb13)

    Lets you use the three unused leader trait combos!

    version: FINAL

    compatible: BTS_3.19: vanilla
    compressed with 7-zip
    host: mediafire


    I loaded the 3 unused leader trait-combos:

    meiji; japanese: industrious/philosophical (nationhood)
    audenauer; german: creative/charismatic (theocracy)
    constantine; roman: protective/organized (organized religion)
    sid; minor nations: no traits, UU or UB. starts with all first tier techs. for multiplayer.

    i have tried to maintain some game balance with regard to ai characteristics.
    human players could handily abuse these features.
    really just because i hadn't seen anything quite like this, and i wanted to try it.

    all leaderheads and artwork belong to the CivGold5 project.