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Unofficial BTS 3.13 patch 2016-10-05

Unofficial BTS 3.13 patch

  1. Bhruic
    Changelog (v1.21):
    • Fixed bug where culture/espionage would not display for building popups
    • Fixed bug where spies would be ejected from a square when declaring war
    • Fixed bug that caused the AI to trade for resources it already had (appears as grossly uneven trades)
    • Refixed trade bug
    • Refixed culture/espionage display bug
    • Fixed bug with Warlords attaching to units when the Great General is part
    • of a selection group
    • Prevented new Colonies from overwriting previously existing Civs
    • No longer displays new Colony message if player hasn't met Master Civ
    • Workers on Transports no longer perform capture of cities (thereby displacing all other units) when city is captured
    • Units considered "unsuitable" for city defense will no longer be prevented from healing in cities
    • No longer able to base an unlimited number of air units in vassal's cities
    • Can found Corporations under Mercantilism
    • Vassal's spies will no longer be "caught" in your territory
    • Amount of time worked taken into consideration by city plot selection (thanks SevenSpirits)
    • The Vassal of a Capitulating Civ is freed before peace treaty
    • Mouse-over for Worker actively working a plot no longer counts Worker twice
    • Automated Workers will no longer idle when railroading is possible
    • Mouse-over for Join City now displays extra bonuses for Great People
    • Vassals freed by Capitulating Master no longer refuse to talk
    • Privateers can only enter team members' or vassals' cities
    • Automated Workers will no longer idle in cities within 2 squares of a hostile border
    • Refixed Vassal/capitulation
    • AIs less likely to build Executives if they can't afford to use them or already have sufficient
    • Buildings that grant both heathiness and unhealthiness will display both instead of neither in building popups
    • Vassals can no longer be their Master's worst enemy
    • Espionage ratio for humans now displayed in score tooltip (thanks morbus)
    • Improved worker threat assessment from units able to move multiple squares
    • Spies no longer interrupt their mission by moving next to an enemy unit
    • Fixed AI turn slowdown caused by change to worker threat assessment
    • Relationship penalty for declaring war on a friend checks if Civs are at war
    • Altered previous worker threat assessment check so it's less useful, but more efficient
    • Fixed bug (introduced) causing endless loop at "waiting for players"
    • Fixed bug (introduced) causing the Great Persons civilopedia entries to be blank
    • Stolen techs can no longer be traded with No Tech Brokering enabled
    • New Colonies mirror their Master's tech status with No Tech Brokering enabled
    • New Colonies mirror their Master's exploration (map) status
    • Healthy/Unhealthy bonuses will display properly under more circumstances (events, etc)
    • Extended spy ejection protection to Great Spies (and any other unit considered "always invisible")
    • AI Civs under Theocracy will no longer accept gifted Missionaries
    • Units withdrawing from combat will be removed from selection group (thanks Moctezuma)
    • When bumping naval units from cities, preference will be given to water tiles
    • Tweaks/bugfixes to improve starting city locations (thanks SevenSpirits)
    • Cities no longer require a Monument to allow Spies to sabotage buildings
    • Rivers added for starting locations will generate flood plains if they pass through desert tiles
    • Spy unit help popup will display the percentage espionage cost decrease from fortification