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Upgrading Reset Units 2016-10-05

Upgrading Reset Units

  1. Ulixes
    Hi everybody!

    This is a small code I did some time ago for my project and I thought to upload it as a mod.

    With this mod enabled, when an unit is upgraded it loses all the bonuses earned previously:

    XP is reset to "0"
    Level is reset to 1
    All the Promotions are deleted (this can be modified in 'Promotions.sql')

    The fact is that I didn't like having incredibly powerful tanks because my knights fought a lot of battles in the middle age. It simply doesn't make any sense!

    Anyway, although the idea may seem radical, it eliminate a cumulative bonus that only the human player fully exploit, making the game fairer, in my opinion.

    If you notice any bug or you have comments/questions, write in the thread.

    v.2: halved the XP required for level advancement. (EXPERIENCE_PER_LEVEL = 5)

    Have Fun,