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[Vanilla] Promotion icons from World of Warcraft 2016-10-05

A total of 18 Promotion buttons, divided in three styles, inspired by the older World of Warcraft "PvP ranking" icons; see http://www.wowwiki.com/Honor_System_(pre-2.0). (Scroll down a bit, you'll find a table over the ranks, with icons).

Here's a preview:

(That shows all of the icons included, actually there's a total of 15 ranks, but I'm too lazy to do them atm. The first 5 works good as a replacement of Combat, I think?
Also, the first style is most WoW-like, and the "V" line, "-" line and "sword icon" parts was done by me. [I.e. the Sword atop of the base picture]
I can upload the .psd's if anyone wants them.
The second and third styles are different parts of the official promotion icons.)
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