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VP Events Overall (Expansion Pack System) 1

The goal of this mod is to re-balance and expand both the core VP events and the (7) Community Events mod so there is more variety for those that use the events system. Primary objective of the mod is to:

  • Re-balance events so there is a more evenly distributed range of good/neutral/bad events and so the yields are aligned.
  • Set more events to expire to remove yield bloat. No more +/- 1 yields forever from an event. You can have 30 turns (or whatever) instead. Also making more events yield trade-offs instead of flat yields.
  • Adjust certain event types (e.g. natural wonder, religions) to create a little pain for the player. These are already enormous advantages for civilizations that control them; I don't want to make it even more lopsided.
  • Build / adjust certain event types (e.g. policy / ideology, corporation) so they aren't completely synergistic with the prerequisite policy/corporation. Aim is to provide a little more balance and prevent a massive snowball effect.
  • Diversify the different kinds of events so you don't see the same thing over and over. A lot of this is just coming up with new events and making sure the events cover all the eras in a well distributed fashion.
  • Make events more dynamic by making later events (or event choices) more dependent on earlier event choices. Think "build your own adventure" (BYOA) play style for events.
Within the mod, events are organized in expansion packs (EPs) so the player can pick and choice which packs they want to play with.
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