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Watiggi's Raze City Mod [Warlords] 2016-10-05

A mod that makes city razing more difficult and allows the conqueror to relocate specialists from razed cities.

Discussion thread.

Current latest version: 1.0.02 Warlords only.


Watiggi's Raze City Mod.


The process:

-capturing cities is no different except you don't get the "install governor or raze city" popup option.

-after capture and during the revolt period, you can if you wish pillage the city tile. Pillaging may reduce the cities population.

-pillaging the population to the ground will destroy the city like a normal raze.

-you can stop pillaging at any time and then let the revolt timer count down, giving you control of the city.

-when the city is razed, you might get a specialist relocated to one of your other cities. This specialist is much like the Statue of Liberty type of 'free specialist' in that you both need to have the free slots from buildings or civics in order to make it useful. Otherwise it will be a citizen until a better choice becomes available.

Gameplay notes:

-the bigger and more valuable the city (with wonders and holy cities), the harder it is to raze.

-the bigger the city, the more chance you have of getting a specialist relocated. Holy cities and cities with world wonders will give a relocated specialist regardless of size.

-you cannot pillage the city tile unless it's in the revolt period which originated from a conquest. This is to prevent human players from exploiting it.

-you cannot get specialists from barbarian cities.

-AI knows how to raze a city in this manner.



Spoiler :

v1.0.02 changes:

-includes source code.

v1.0.01 changes:

-the "A specialist has relocated to xxxx" message has been changed to "You have relocated a specialist to xxxx". This makes it more consistant with the pillaging messages ("You have plundered x gold from xxxx").

-holy cities will now allways give a relocated specialist, even with no shrine (religious wonder). A design goal was for a reliability in knowing that a preceived valuable city would give a relocated specialist. Previously, a holy city may or may not give one, which contradicted this design goal. Now it feels more consistant.
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