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WildWeazel's Change Request v1.2 Beta

I thought I had started from a version of the mod that already included Austria in place of Korea, but now I can only find discussion proposing such. I've had this BIQ kicking around for so long now that I can't remember whether I did it myself. In either case, credit to player1 fanatic for the idea. Otherwise, the biggest change is the introduction of the Grenadier (from Napoleonic Europe) in the offense line. Most other changes involve consolidating extraneous techs and redistributing prerequisites in the mid game. The only new assets are the revised tech tree backgrounds.

Install instructions:

Just unzip the files in your Civ3\Conquests\Scenarios folder to produce WildWeazelChangeRequest.biq and the directory patch_suggestion.


WWCR includes all of the changes in Patch Suggestion - C3C version, which are listed in ps_c3c_readme.txt.

General Changes

- Replaced Korea with Austria: Mil/Ind, UU Hussar replaces Cavalry. Uses C3C assets.
- Road movement reduced to 2.
- Golden Age increased to 30 turns.
- Each civ has a single unique color for consistency across games. I'm not happy with all of them and neither will you be.
- All map sizes allow 31 civs for convenience. Un-assign players as desired when starting a game.

Middle Ages

- Conscription requires Feudalism
- Berserker replaces MedInf instead of Longbowman.
- Samurai replaces MedInf instead of Knight: 4/4/1 60 shields.
- Knight and Knight UUs defense reduced to 2.
- Caravel requires Gunpowder and Saltpeter, sinks in Sea (until Astronomy).
- Carrack requires Gunpowder and Saltpeter, sinks in Ocean (until Navigation).
- Added Grenadier: 6/4(3)/1 70 shields, requires Metallurgy and Saltpeter. Upgrade for Longbowman, Crusader, MedInf. Upgrades to Guerilla. Uses C3C assets.
- Combined Free Artistry and Music Theory into Performing Arts, requiring Education.
- Printing Press and Economics are required for era advancement.
- Trade Embargo requires Economics.
- Removed Chemistry. Metallurgy requires Gunpowder.
- Merged Magnetism into Navigation.
- Merged Theory of Gravity into Physics. Requires Navigation and Gunpowder.

Industrial Ages

- Nationalism and Medicine are required for era advancement.
- Merged Sanitation into Medicine. Requires Scientific Method.
- Electricity requires Scientific Method and Steam Power.
- Coal Plant requires Electricity
- Removed Ironclads technology. Ironclad unit requires Steam Power.
- Fascism requires The Corporation
- Police Station requires Industrialization.
- Policeman citizen requires Espionage.
- Removed Steel.
- Removed Atomic Theory. Electronics requires Electricity.

Modern Times
- Removed Stealth Fighter (or did I?)
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