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Winamp GUI for Civ4 2016-10-05

Release thread:

Civ4 Winamp Plugin

Here is the first Winamp GUI for Civ4.
To use the plugin just copy the folder assets to ..\mods\Winamp Mod\
and load the mod after game start
copy the content of the folder assets to ..\custom assets\

Before starting a game with the Winamp plugin you have to make sure Winamp is running! Otherwise the GUI will not show up.

On the main interface of the game you will find a golden button at the right.
Hit it and see the Winamp GUI.

Planned Features
- Displaying the playlist on demand and choosing songs
- Abillity to move the GUI

Change Log
Version 2.2 2007/07/21
Updatet to Civilization Patch 1.7.4 and Warlords Patch 2.1.3

Version 2.1 2007/01/28
Updated to Warlords Patch 2.0.8

Version 2.0 2006/09/17
A new version for Warlords is included. Make sure you use the right version!

Version 1.0 - 2006/08/22 - Kickoff release
Known issues:
- The user has to make sure that Winamp is running and that there are songs in the playlist. Civ4 will not detect Winamp if it's started after Civ4.

Modders Guide
All changed code in the SDK is commented with
//Winamp Start
//Winamp End

All changed code in python is commented with
# Winamp Start
# Winamp End

In Python you can use the following commands:
	.Play()			//Guess!
	.Stop()			//Guess!
	.Prev()			//Guess!
	.Next()			//Guess!
	.Pause()		//Guess!
	.SetVolume(vol)		//vol has to be in range 0..255. Only Winamp volume is affected. Not game volume and not master volume
	.GetVolume()		//Returns volume in range 0..255
	.GetTitleProgress()	//Returns song progress in ms
	.GetTitleLength()	//Returns song lenth in s
	.GetTitleName()		//Returns title of the song

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