Wood Elf Buildings Pack 2016-10-05

Wood Elf Buildings Pack

  1. nick0515
    21 Wood Elf looking buildings converted from the game Kohan II which I have never played. Big thanks to Walter Hawkward for allowing me to convert his Civ 4 conversions to Civ 3 versions. Without his original conversions I would not have been able to make Civ 3 conversions as I don't own the game and I had never heard of it until I accidentally saw his conversions for Civ 4.

    Buildings from left to right in the preview:

    First Line: 1. Village Centre 2. Town Centre 3. City Centre 4. Palace 5. Blacksmith 6. Foundry

    Second Line: 1. Stone Resource (Small) 2. Stone Resource (Medium) 3. Stone Resource (Large) 4. Outpost 5. Fort

    Third Line: 1. Wood Resource (Small) 2. Wood Resource (Medium) 3. Wood Resource (Large) 4. Market (Small) 5. Market (Large)

    Fourth Line: 1. Shrine 2. Temple 3. Library 4. Mage College 5. Barracks

    Please note these names are either made up or taken from Walter Hawkwoods names which may well be base on the original game. Basically most of the buildings could be used for anything you like.

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