1. Zegangani

    [GS] Client-States Game Mechanic

    This is my Concept of a Client-States Game Mechanism for Civilization VI and is part of my 4Xpansion Pass Project and will be introduced in the 1st Pack of the Series. Therefore, this Mechanism is designed specifically to be modded for Civ6, which means it is designed around the modding...
  2. Zegangani

    How many Wonders are too much Wonders?

    Not a real question, but would having an enormous amount of Wonders in the Game reduce their Uniqueness? Sure, from the Graphics Perspective the more Wonders we have the merrier, but from the Gameplay Effects Perspective it would be a real challenge to come up with unique effects for each Wonder...
  3. Zegangani

    4Xpansion Pass [4XP] Mod Series Announcement + Open Door for Ideas and Suggestions

    Hello CivFans! I’m Zegangani, a fellow CivFanatic and Civilization VI Modder. I'm a huge Fan of the Civilization Franchise, and while I haven't played Civ IV and prior iterations (and Spin-Offs), I'm still familiar with many of their Mechanics, which I really like (especially Civ IV's), and...
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