1. Birdjaguar

    Bumble's Travels sign up

    If Bumble is going begin his Trek anew, we need to know who is interested in participating. This is a sign up for those interested. You need to be willing to pay the small package postal changes to send bumble to the next address on the list in a timely manner. In addition you need to be willing...
  2. SuedecivIII

    [C3C] Maze Of The Goblin King

    Maze Of The Goblin King is a Civ 3 based role playing game. It is inspired by high fantasy, and starts with your heroes trapped inside a twisted labyrinth, owned by The Goblin King. The goal is to escape the maze, by taking the prophecy to one of the gates visible on the map, in as few turns as...
  3. BRickAstley

    Realms Beyond Civ6 Potluck Adventure: Come Join Us!

    Click this link and post here to sign up! Hello to everyone here at CivFanatics! I'm BRickAstley, one of the admins and game organizers over at Realms Beyond. I have scheduled an introductory Potluck Adventure beginning the day after release to try out the new game together, and would like to...
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