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May 20, 2022 at 9:42 AM
Dec 24, 2001
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January 22
Albuquerque, NM

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Hanafubuki, from Albuquerque, NM

Super Moderator Supporter

Entangled Mar 28, 2021

Birdjaguar was last seen:
Viewing forum Off-Topic, May 20, 2022 at 9:42 AM
    1. GinandTonic
      Doing a grand and thankless task with the russia/ ukraine thread. I'd get you a beer in if I could.
      1. Birdjaguar likes this.
    2. Aiken_Drumn
      You can't just like the avatar, you need to use it until 2022!
    3. Reconciliator
      I wonder how far your archives go.. this would be many many years ago 2007 maybe?
    4. Takhisis
      Hey, Mr. mod!

      I've noticed that the main CIv3 page has a lot of broken links down where it says ‘Discussion Forums @ Civfanatics’ - apparently they are all from the time when we were on vBulletin and in these five years they haven't been fixed.

    5. Reconciliator
      I hope all is well old friend.
    6. Birdjaguar
      1. Terxpahseyton likes this.
    7. warpus
      I have updated my response to you in the Everest theread.. it was slightly wrong. Just figured it out as I was working through the next pic. The timestamps didn't make sense so I did a bit more digging. Another post is also affected, if you scroll up you will see an editor's note that's in italics. FYI since you were the one who asked the question, and I'm not sure you would have otherwise seen my edits
    8. fapfap362x362fapfap
      How to write a topic about the script, is there a step by step guide with screenshots? I just wouldn't know where what buttons to press. And if I did not understand the extent of language barriers, can I ask you for example, upload my scripts?
    9. fapfap362x362fapfap
      Hi. I'm here for the first time. Write and translate in translator, sorry if that. Everything is in English and I'm confused. Can you help? I will adapt the English scripts for the Russian social network Vkontakte. I don't do mods, just scenaries for conquests. Can I here to put them and how do I do that if it is possible.
      1. fapfap362x362fapfap
        Nothing, just created a few scenarios for the Russian community, I'm probably the only one who knows the editor of civilization 3 now in Russia. I think to translate the scripts in a foreign language was Russian, well, that is easier to perceive in the game. And here I would like to lay out those scenarios that are already available, and of course for the sake of criticism and advice from more experienced users.
        Aug 15, 2017
    10. carlosMM
      yeah, all fine! Added a few F1, moved across country, changed jobs - but I still play CIV BtS Buffy 3.19 ;)
    11. carlosMM
      wow, you're still around at CFC?
    12. Takhisis
      What a beautiful poem. :)
    13. Lefty Scaevola
      Lefty Scaevola
      I will raise the limit for Retired Moderators, since the limits go by user group.

      I have raised it to the same number as Moderators, if that is not enough (for retiring from Super Moderator, message me again and I will temporarily bump it up some more.
    14. SamSniped
      CFC says it's your birthday, so happy birthday, Bird!
    15. Nuka-sama
      I hope you come back soon, we all miss you. :/
    16. Nuka-sama
      Only for a day. My flight was cancelled, and they planned to put me in a hotel nearby, but then they were able to get me on a different flight to LA 6 hours later, but now I have to drive up to Oakland. All things considered, I did enjoy the Albuquerque Airport. I found it amusing that there were a few Breaking Bad souvenirs XD
    17. Nuka-sama
      I'm in New Mexico :D
    18. Takhisis
    19. Takhisis
      Independent, with a capital I, it's a newspaper.
    20. Kyriakos
      That seems likely to be a rule not in existence in CFC, cause non-english words or phrases exist in many visitor messages pages. Looking forward to reading your particular reason for making this strange visitor message to my profile page, though ;)
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    January 22
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    "Lovers and madmen have such seething brains, such shaping fanatsies, that apprehend more than cool reason ever comprehends."

    haiku: Creativity abounds here: top to bottom, up, down, charm, and strange


    "Often it is better to be approximately correct than precisely wrong."

    "The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears, or the sea." -Isak Dinesen

    "The more one knows about something, the less it can surprise you."

    "Art is how we decorate space. Music is how we decorate time."

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