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    Apadana Wonder not generating envoys in current patch (Fixed)

    Hi folks, Just got gathering storm. We are playing 3 player multiplayer. One of us has built Apadana, and continued building wonders. It has not generated any envoys for the owner so far. I have seen this posted on a reddit too, so perhaps not a singular instance. Thanks!
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    [R&F] BUG (362541) New envoys no longer available after wonder

    After building the kilwa kisiwani no new envoys spawn throughout the remainder of the game when you have previously built the wonder Apadana. I noticed that when the Kilwa completed the two envoys that should have spawned from the Apadana didn't. From that point forward no envoys appeared...
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    [] Apadana can't be repaired after nuclear attack and taking city

    Version (260180) Playing as Egypt, after a nuclear (not thermonuclear) attack and taking Cairo (capital city of Saladin) in the same turn, the wonder Apadana can't be repaired. It shows as (15) turns to repair, but can't be chosen as an item to repair. It can't be emoted either, or...
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