basil ii

  1. CanusAlbinus

    PolyCast 406: It's A Lot Better Than Watergate

    The four-hundred-and-sixth episode of PolyCast, “It's A Lot Better Than Watergate“ is now available for streaming on This episode features regular co-hosts CanusAlbinus, Phil "TheMeInTeam", and Jason "MegaBearsFan". Topics for this episode include: News 00h02m25s | Twitter...
  2. megabearsfan

    [NFP] A General Strategy for Basil II of Byzantium

    It took way longer than I expected it to, but I finally finished my guide for Basil II from the New Frontiers' September 2020 update. It took a whole year for me to get around to this, but better late than never, I guess? The full guide can be found at my blog at...
  3. megabearsfan

    Is the combat penalty for mounted units attacking cities still in the game?

    I've been playing as Byzantium, and was wondering how much of a difference it makes to be able to conquer cities will all the free heavy cavalry units. But I'm not sure of the magnitude of the combat penalty that mounted units are supposed to have when attacking cities. I tried looking it up on...
  4. Scaramanga

    Basil II in Lego Brickheadz form (MOC)

    Brickhead Basil II is ready to slay some Bulgars. Previous Civ 6 leader Brickheadz: Eleanor (England) Eleanor (France) Jadwiga Chandragupta Victoria Dido Cyrus Pacachuti Genghis Khan Tamar Robert the Bruce Lautaro Pericles Gorgo Seondeok Gitarja Suleiman Mansa Musa Qin Shi Huang Jayavarman...
  5. Basil II

    Basil II

  6. Alaindor

    [NFP] Struggling with Basil II on Deity

    Hi, maybe I can get good advice from you experimented players? Playing on Deity / Marathon / Huge continents map, I want to achieve a religious or domination victory. Reading how OP Basil II is supposed to be, I just can't seem to start off: because I rush for an early religion (which I get if...
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