Basil problems: when the AI has no troops


Mar 30, 2024
I've found the AI basically gives up on a military after the medieval. Even Shaka was gunning for a culture win, spamming rock bands and having 100 spare great writers/artists when I invaded him.

This is a problem when I play Basil, since having no enemy units to kill nullifies his kit. Counters to this are:

1. Finish the game before the AI gets 20 pop cities with renaissance walls and 2000 religious pressure (I'm not good enough to do this on immortal/deity 8 player continent maps).
2. Use apostles and missionaries to convert the cities as you siege them (arguably worse than using siege weapons since religious overlay looks awful and bombards are faster than missionaries on large cities)
3. Build siege weapons (why am I playing Basil then?)
4. Play Theodora instead.

Tagma rushes have also been indirectly nerfed by the AI's lack of military. Many patches ago I could kill countless units and convert countless cities with tagma. Now I find myself using horsemen to rush before the AI inevitably mysteriously lose all their military and have giant cities with massive religious pressure. The only use I get out of Taxis is now horsemen and archers on small classical era cities.

Thoughts? Help? Mods? When did the AI stop building units?
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