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choose map size

  1. ATARi144kHz

    3 questions about map size, upscaled research and production time and flickering shadows.

    1. Does the options with upscaled research and production time in 42.1 also affects AI players? 2. Why map size was changed since C2C v38.5? From 40.1 to 42.1 gigantic is 144x96 while in 38.5 it was 184x112. Was this changed due to instability, turn time calculations or something else? Right...
  2. Iconian

    [BNW] Adding a map size

    I recently created a couple mods that changed the attributes of the "Huge" map size via the "Worlds" file in GameInfo. However, what I actually want is to create an entirely new map size. So I attempted to do so, but discovered that the on the Setup screen, when I went to choose map size, my...
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