civ 5 soundtrack

  1. Inverted.

    Can you mod in era based soundtracks?

    I used to like the civ 5 soundtrack until I started playing civ 4. Not that the soundtrack of civ 5 is bad, but I found the soundtrack of civ 4 better and more fitting for a civilization game. Is there any way to mod era based music to civ 5? Or is it impossible? I found something in the...
  2. Soupy Delicious

    Music Modding Problems

    Hey Guys, If someone could quickly help me out here, Ive just been trying to put in some music to my game of Civ 4 for the past 6 hours. I'm stuck and confused. I've edited the Audio2DScripts.xml, the AudioDefines.xml, the GameInfoEras.xml to suit me. No typoes, nuffin. I've put in my...
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