civ 6 modding

  1. Pirate2377

    [GS] My leader image for the loading screen stopped showing up

    I've been working on a mod off and on for about 2 months and I'm nearly finished, the only thing that's needed at this point is custom music. However, this is my first mod so there's probably quite a bit about the game that I don't fully understand. Especially since I've been having this weird...
  2. O

    [SQL] Simple edit buffing existing Civ not registering

    Hey all, I've been lurking on these forums since the heyday of Civ 4 and finally tried out modding Civ 6. My sister enjoys the game but doesn't survive long when playing against me and my friends in multiplayer. I was trying to create a mod that buffs the Inca so she stops getting killed by even...
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