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combat damage

  1. Mr. ZorG

    Changes in the combat system.

    Hello everyone. in my opinion, the current combat system needs changes. surely many had it when one Native warrior destroyed the Line Infantry or the Veteran Infantry Soldier. and the Native Warrior took no damage. or when the Privateer could sink the Frigate. I had it all. I think this is...
  2. Zegangani

    Trying Terrain & Home Advantage in Battle

    I always found it odd that all land Units can move freely in Desert and Tundra/Snow Tiles, and that without suffering any Consequences. I mean, Desert and Tundra/Snow are really trying Terrains if you're not used to that Climate. And same thing counts also for Jungle/Rainforest. So we can't...
  3. Ownsya

    Units Relative Strength and Costs Reference

    Game Version: Gathering Storm, September 2019 update (v. Spreadsheet can be downloaded from the Discussion tab, or by clicking here. This reference calculates some of the core stats of military units, needed to understand relative combat strengths and the relationship between str and...
  4. P

    Damage and Movement

    I recently needed to find the calculation for a damaged unit's movement allowance for an event I want to write for a TOTPP with Lua scenario. https://www.civfanatics.com/civ2/strategy/combatguide/#basics was the only thing I could find, and that is only good when the road multiplier is 3...
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