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  1. ZombiVoziKombi

    Alpha Centauri Audio+Video Album - a li'l 25th anniversary tribute

    Hello all. Here's a project I probably shouldn't be pursuing, since I've got much better stuff to do, oh well. Recently I came across a YouTube vid that concatenated all SMAC + SMAC-X videos and voiceovers (well, not exactly all, it turns out!), and I thought, this is great, but it (a) looks...
  2. Quintillus

    Civ3 Community Scenario Compilation DVD

    The Community Scenario Compilation DVD is a disc containing 4.3 GB (binary) worth of mods and scenarios developed by the CivFanatics community. It is designed to make it easy to install these mods, to encourage trying out more mods, and to aid in the preservation of these mods over the longer...
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