1. S

    Continents Texture Change Help Request

    There is a certain graphical feature in Civ V that many are not aware of. The first post of this thread lays it out nicely ( I realized long ago that whether or not I was on a pretty 'continent texture pack' was very important...
  2. L

    No copper anywhere!?

    So I just started playing this mod for the first time recently, and I've been having some problems. In both of my matches so far I got well into the ancient era without finding any source of copper. As in, no copper anywhere on the continent, even the AI factions don't have any. I've found tin...
  3. Ownsya

    [GS] Map Types Examples

    So I was trying to decide what game should I try post September patch and thought I'd check out what the new map types looked like before making a decision. Then I thought it would be nice if something like this already existed as a reference and while I found some examples on the web, they...
  4. F

    [R&F] Help for winning a religious victory.

    I've never won a religious victory because in my opinion religion is pretty boring. Especially when the AI just spams a lot of apostles and they overrun your city. I'm now playing as Philip of Spain, and my city is dominant in Japan (playing on a small map). But now that I can travel overseas...
  5. Gl0bal1st

    [BTS] Mansa - Deity - Continents - Random Events - Help me learn the game.

    Civ 4 Fanatics, I've decided if I'm going to play Civ 4 then I may as well learn to play it well, hence why I am getting stuck in with a deity game. I like playing randomised continents for the added realism and I think the navy is an important element in the game to learn. I also like playing...
  6. Omega Alden

    [R&F] [VidLP] Deity Religious Japan - The Rebirth of Mothra

    This is a standard continents deity game as Japan with a focus on religious victory. Victory is not guaranteed or anything as I usually record two of these a day. Advice is always appreciated and is definitely useful for me since I don't do religious victories much. We begin our glorious...
  7. Omega Alden

    [R&F] [VidLP] Deity Cree - Pass That Peace Pipe

    This is the start of my Cree game (standard/continents/deity) where I'm looking to secure a peaceful cultural victory. This is not a style of play that I'm accustomed to, and any advice is greatly appreciated. I record two of these videos a day so there is definitely time to get in advice and...
  8. Omega Alden

    [R&F] [VidLP] Deity Korea - I'm A Seoul Man

    We start our glorious adventure off with a standard continents game on deity difficulty. We beeline it for writing so that we can maximize our use of the Seowon campus replacement. Things start a little rocky as the Cree and the barbarians decide that we need to be eliminated immediately. Can...
  9. n00buk

    [VidLP] Civilization V: A Star Wars Story

    Civilization V: A Star Wars Story by n00buk posted Feb 24, 2018 at 11:55 PM Videos can be found on YouTube Streams are on Twitch Mods used: Enhanced User Interface InfoAddict Acken's Minimalistic Balance Star Wars Civs Map: Continents Difficulty: Immortal Stream 1:
  10. K

    [VidLP] Immortal - Norway tries to convert the world!

    Hey guys, In this playthrough we try to win with religion! :D Civ: Randomed Norway Game Speed: Quick Map Size: Standard Map Type: Continents Difficulty: Immortal
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