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custom agenda

  1. Finmide

    Help with custom Agendas

    I wanted to make custom agenda's for a civilization I was making but I am not sure how to go about this. Agenda 1: Reconnaissance Mission - This Civilization dislikes civilizations that don't give open borders to them, discover natural wonders before them, and explore the entire map before...
  2. Toussaint10326

    Toussaint's Scotland 2017-08-12

    This mod adds the Scottish Empire lead by King Robert I. Robert fought King Edward II of England to keep Scotland an independent nation. Uniques UB: Clan Castle. The clan castle replaces the Barracks. It provides extra housing and amenities. UU: Gallowglass. The Gallowglass replaces the...
  3. Toussaint10326

    How to add a custom leader agenda

    So I want to make a leader agenda that's a splice of Tlataoni and Money Grubber. How could I do that?
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