1. K

    Continents Name Replace Kit 1.0

    Example (in ja_JP(my native language is Japanese), English notes) Nena is an acronym of Northern Europe-North America, I replaced because it is including cardinal direction and civilization name. Kumari Kandam is often equated with Lemuria in popular culture, so I replaced too. North America in...
  2. Thorvald of Lym

    Disk Repair

    One year ago, my computer suffered an accident that led to rapid degradation of system integrity, culminating in total boot failure. I have been trying to recover the hard drive ever since. Initial attempts to back up the disk were aborted as the software kept encountering read-errors...
  3. yung.carl.jung

    [RD] You have the opportunity to design your Dream Game!

    Dear CivFanatics, A few months ago I made a thread asking what your dream RPG would look like, and it received hundreds of enthusiastic answers. Now I've decided to really do it, and I am asking you for help and creative input. Anything, be it a spell, a talent, a playstyle, a boss encounter...
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