1. CAYM

    CAYM's Tweaks (NAVAL warfare, AIRCRAFT warfare, Enlightment Era, Futre Age, CAYM's Change)

    Hello! Over time, by fixing one bug and correcting one mistake after another in the mod, I ended up creating my own mod. As I worked on it, I felt the urge to share it with all of you and introduce it here. In some places, my modifications overlap with the original creator's work. I've...
  2. Asterix Rage

    VP Promo Icons

    VP Promo Icons 1.9 is over ! New link: https://forums.civfanatics.com/threads/7a-promotion-icons-for-vp.642400/
  3. adan_eslavo

    More Unique Components for VP - VPEE Compatibility Patch (discontinued/merged into MUCfVP) v4

    More Unique Components for VP - EE Compatibility Patch. Merged into MUCfVP v37.1. Compatible with version: MUCfVP - up to v37. Incomaptible from v37.1. VPEE - v1.1
  4. adan_eslavo

    More Unique Components for VP - Compatibility Patches

    MORE UNIQUE COMPONENTS FOR VP - - COMPATIBILITY PATCHES Official thread for compatibility patches to More Unique Components (aka 3rd and 4th UC) for VP. So far this thread was dedicated only for VPEE compatibility patch. After merging it into the mod itself (in v37.1) I decided to change...
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