1. Inverted.

    Can you mod in era based soundtracks?

    I used to like the civ 5 soundtrack until I started playing civ 4. Not that the soundtrack of civ 5 is bad, but I found the soundtrack of civ 4 better and more fitting for a civilization game. Is there any way to mod era based music to civ 5? Or is it impossible? I found something in the...
  2. TyrannusRex

    Rounding Out the Nordic Civilizations

    So, excuse the title for being a little vague, but I'm sorta working on an idea and wanted some opinions from other Civ fans. I've noticed that the majority of ideas (or existing mods) for a Danish civ in Civ VI tend to focus on an Industrial Era Denmark sometime during the 1800s (I believe)...
  3. Hellenism Salesman

    [R&F] Discussing the Design of Era Dedications

    It's been a while since I've rambled extensively about something Civ-related, so I thought I'd dig my teeth into one of Civ VI's meatiest designs: Era dedications. 1: Clarification I think a crucial step in reaching a consensus on improved era dedications is understanding the designers' initial...
  4. C

    Maps that limit technology ages?

    Hey, I'm not sure how to find this so I thought I'd ask. Are there maps that I can download that limit tech? Example: the game only progresses to ancient era, medieval era, industrial era, etc. then that age is the final tech and now it's future tech, instead of progressing all the way to...
  5. Alkanta

    [BNW] Steampunk Era & Cybernetic Dawn releases

    Good day everyone, I was looking for a place to upload this mod I published years ago on Steam and its latest releases. I'd like to see if my upload works, and then if yes I'll detail things more in depth. Edit: I tried many times to upload my .civ5mod file whose size is around 100 MB, but it...
  6. J

    production of units from earlier eras

    There is an option, maybe a mod that allows you to produce units from an earlier era. For example, instead of a modern tank, it is a regular tank, etc.
  7. sman1975

    SMAN's The Ancient World at War (AWAW)

    Greetings, This is a collaboration post for an upcoming project. The AWAW will extensively rework the Ancient, Classical, Medieval, and Renaissance Eras, and will be the bookend companion to my "SMAN's The World at War" family of mods, cf...
  8. Mr_PeaCH

    On starting games in later eras

    I have played Civilization games from the very beginning. My confession here is that I don't think I've ever played with starting games in later eras aside from pre-fab scenarios. I had been avoiding playing many civilizations because their Uniques don't come in to play until later eras. My...
  9. chordate

    [GS] AI bonus in each era start (different from ancient era)?

    There is detailed bonus for AI if we start from ancient era: However, what if we start from different era? For example if we start from industrial era, we will have the starting position as: "two Settlers, two Scouts, two Crossbowmen...
  10. H

    Help With Modding Eras

    Hey all, I'm pretty green when it comes to Modding (and XML and SQL for that matter!), but I've got a friend coming over this weekend to drink beers and play a hot-seat game of Civ VI and I wanted to iron out some minor kinks in the game beforehand. I'm a bit of a pedant, and one of my gripes...
  11. Zobtzler

    Idea - New future eras

    Wouldn't it be interesting to be able to expand the game beyond the information era and into sci-fi/CivBE-esque units, techs, civics and other things. New expanded governments, new space projects, new buildings etc. I have basically no experience in lua, but I'd gladly help out with xml and sql...
  12. Doomturtle

    StartingBuildings for the ancient era

    I am trying to have every city start with my custom building that effectively acts like free ancient walls. I can do this by inserting a line into StartingBuildings for my building in the ancient era: INSERT INTO StartingBuildings (Building, Era, District) VALUES ('BUILDING_EPN_CITY_DEFENSES'...
  13. cof125

    Mouse Tech Tree 2017-03-06

    My Immersive Tech Tree From Rise of Mankind on its own for others to use on its own or be put into a mod pack.
  14. Kyro

    How to prevent Eras from skipping great people?

    I'm sick and tired of passing great people for the ones that never show up before the era removes them altogether. How do I prevent that from happening?
  15. Tdot1

    Slow Down Tech + Civics

    I, and I'm sure there are others, believe fairly strongly that Tech + Civics goes way too fast, and I would like there to be a bigger delay. What do you guys think? And I suppose I'm also asking if anyone knows if there is a MOD out there that addresses this that isn't a simple 'Era Lock'. Maybe...
  16. UncivilizedGuy

    Universal History (Version 1.01)

    UNIVERSAL HISTORY This is a simple mod that changes the era names to the eras that historians use when presenting world history on a macro scale. Eras Prehistoric Era replaces Ancient Ancient replaces Classical Post-classical replaces Medieval Early Modern replaces Renaissance Modern replaces...
  17. JohnCJR

    Restricting historical eras GUIDE

    I have figured out a way to limit the eras you want to play in. It is a temporary solution until the mod workshop is released on steam and someone with more know-how than myself creates the relevant end in era mods. I first created one which kinda ends the game in the Classical era, so that...
  18. V

    Wonders - eras - immersion?

    How do you feel about that, for example, one can begin build the Pyramids in the Medieval age or later? There are lots of parts of the game tied to ages - wonders could also be. My idea: Wonders should be tied to the age when they become available and has the rule that a player can begin to...
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