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fall from heaven

  1. Tasunke

    FFH Multiplayer! (Yes, Again!) :)

    Hey my dudes and dudettes! I've just begun re-exploring FFH2 bc I saw that Magister Cultuum released his newest version, and its quite fun! First I tried out Judecca and Hyborem, then the Hippus. Would be fun to try out some other factions and what not haha! I'm down for some FFH2 multiplayer...
  2. Kylorin

    Fall From Heaven 2

    Where are the death night graphics?? I need them for a mod and I CANT FIND THEM
  3. F

    Preferred Maps for Ashes of Erebus?

    What maps do you use? My first thought was to the Erebus maps, but they seem... off somehow. The terrain layout seems different, and maybe it's just the shapes throwing me off? Idk. I also don't how in my most recent game the regional Erebus map (the one that isn't an entire planet) put the...
  4. M

    From Ashes We Rise .85

    This is a continuation mod for Ashes of Erebus (Fall From Heaven mod series) that adds in 3 new civilizations at the same caliber as the original civs. Gerudo features Ganondorf and Nabooru as its leaders; Alagaësia features Eragon Shadeslayer as its leader; Noldor features Fingolfin and Feanor...
  5. Zerver

    Eredin 2017-01-26

    The king of the Wild Hunt. Animations - charlemagne heavy swordsman For a hypothetic Witcher semi-RPG mod.
  6. Zerver

    Imlerith 2017-01-26

    A member of the Wild Hunt. Animations - Vanilla swordsman. For a hypothetic Witcher semi-RPG mod.
  7. Zerver

    Caranthir 2017-01-26

    A member of the Wild Hunt. Animations included. For a hypothetic Witcher semi-RPG mod.
  8. Zerver

    Eskel & Lambert 2017-01-26

    2 additional witcher units, charlemagne heavy swordsman animations. For a hypothetic witcher semi-RPG mod.
  9. Zerver

    Vesemir 2017-01-26

    Also known as, uncle Vesemir. Both steel and silver sword unit models use charlemagne heavy swordsman animation. For a hypothetical witcher semi-RPG mod.
  10. Terkhen


    ExtraModMod Project page: https://bitbucket.org/Terkhen/extramodmod Wiki: https://bitbucket.org/Terkhen/extramodmod/wiki/Home Downloads: https://bitbucket.org/Terkhen/extramodmod/downloads Testing Guide: https://bitbucket.org/Terkhen/extramodmod/wiki/Testing Disclaimer: ExtraModMod is no...
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