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  1. K

    What do you want most from CIV7? poll results

    I did a short poll on reddit on what people would like to see most of CIV7. And it seems like the AI being terrible is a strong topic.
  2. K

    Red death was absolutely awesome

    This post is extremely simple and straight to the point. I finally figured out how to play red death offline to play around with it by launching it in a local lobby, and I was extremely impressed. All the civs feel unique and interesting, especially the zombies were absolutely awesome to play...
  3. Recursive

    Diplomacy Feedback: Opinion Mechanics

    Hello everyone! I'm still Recursive, your favorite family-friendly endless loop CTD incarnate! As most of you know, I've been improving the diplomacy AI for a long time now. I've created a comprehensive guide for every Opinion modifier in the game, which I have posted in the second post of this...
  4. Orange1861

    [GS] Looking For Your Advice: Should Civ 6 get its own Community Balance Patch?

    Hello! Since the April Balancing Patch came out, Firaxis has made it clear that Civ 6 is not getting another major update for some time. This is not great because while the April patch solved many issues, it created a few others. For example, Gaul is in a pretty interesting state. Due to...
  5. K

    [NFP] Civiliazation VI Religious Leader update

    So yesterday I was playing civ 6 with some friends and one of them conquered a ai neighbour and took all their cities. My friend had no religion but the conquered ai did and he asked if he could claim the religion, obviously the answer was no, but I thought about it a bit and came up with a few...
  6. V

    [GS] AI behavior feedback info to help future patches

    Let's have a thread here to give useful feedback on AI behavior here....
  7. D

    Feedback for my first modpack.

    Hi everybody I'm new to modding and created my first pack for a civ, would appreciate some feedback and possible critique for improvement. Thanks. https://forums.civfanatics.com/resources/china-modpack.26980/ Moved to Civ5 C&C forum. leif
  8. Zorro777


    I see where the Religion sounds have been added for the expanded religions. Very nice additions. This whole mod is fantastic. A lot of work has been put into this and it is greatly appreciated. Thanks! I would like to find out how to get back sound for the techs as they are learned. I am not...
  9. civplayer33

    Feedback: Some Notes and Questions

    First of all, thank you for creating this (unofficial) expansion, it greatly enhances the game! I don't want this post to sound too negative, so just consider this to be the only flaws (IMO) in an otherwise excellent mod; I have been playing it for some months now and this is just feedback from...
  10. Angelius Mefyrx

    Civilization 6 suggestion/feedback

    Hi So I'm about to complete my first Civilization 6 game, and started a few online with friends. Played almost all the other Civilization game before but mainly played 1-2-5 and now 6 I have a mods for bigger maps and therefor being able to play games with more nations. So I've started a game...
  11. R

    Civ6 Feedback

    For what it's worth, here's my feedback on Civ 6 (patch and .30). I figured this was the most appropriate subforum, but feel free to move this message if not. GENERAL ISSUES / FEEDBACK Build queues and settler automation are badly needed Research needs to be slowed down. You...
  12. Solette

    2K Community Associate on Civ VI Feedback: "We've definitely been listening."

    Joseph B, a verified 2k Games Community Associate, posted the following comment on the Civilization subreddit: "Hey everyone, we've definitely been listening to feedback from the community and are working on updates for Civilization VI. We'll share the news on updates when we have it." Click...
  13. I

    Feedback...I guess.

    I've enjoyed these forums for years. I have learned things from amazing players that I would never have figured out on my own...which is why I am sad that my first post here will be neither encouraging nor particularly constructive. Maybe the devs already know all this stuff. Maybe they...
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